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Dash Light problem in a 73 Mach 1


For starters, this is likely a problem I created :(

I installed a stereo, and when I went to drive the car tonight I had no dash lights.

For full time power to the stereo I tapped into a hot wire running to the clock (It is green with a red stripe.)

No fuses are blown, everything else works except the instrument lights.

I replaced the headlight switch about a year ago and have not driven it that much, just cruising and mostly during the day.

I undid all the stereo wiring and it is still the same, no instrument lights (it is set up with two plugs, the other was a two pole plug that I used for ground and switched power after checking it with a meter.

If anyone has any ideas I'd like to hear them before I take the dash back apart.

Thank you

Found it- bad wire in the harness, likely from my wiring it up wrong.  Got it all sorted out.  Thank anyway.

i got almost the same promblem but my tail lights are going out too nd i changed the light censor too alleardy


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