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crankshaft pulley and water pump pulley lightly touching


This is a rebuilt 302 with new harmonic balancer and rebuilt water pump.  Both pulleys are original and worked fine before rebuild.

Now they lightly touch as they fly around.

It did have an aluminum pump before rebuild but has cast iron after.

For a quick fix, buy a smaller diameter water pump pulley?

Would like to know if anyone ever had this happen?

Thanks for your help

hey.. my name is john grissom i have a 1965 mustang coupe wiht stock 289. i rebuilt mine and when i put it all back together i am having the same problem... was wondering if you have figured out as to why this is happening or how u fixed it??

I've seen this happen on a few occasions over the last 44 years of playing with SB fords, in each instance the fault was with the new water pump casting having the pump shaft very slightly below the original pump , sometime a couple of thousands. years ago when I was wrenching alot I would not turn in the old pump till I knew that the new one worked(usually the parts store didn't believe I knew what I was talking about so I kept the reference, BTW never had a problem with one purchased at NAPA or Carquest so that was what I ended out using). Sometimes there is enough freebore in the mounting holes of the casting that you can pull it up enough to clear , then retighten, but it often settles down again because of belt tension. You can try a different pulley which if smaller would change your pump speed or change the pump, I have seen pulleys that were put in a lathe and turned down slightly to clear


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