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Converting '65 V8 Front End to Disk Brakes and Power Steering


Hi Everyone!  Am new to the site!  I have a '65 notchback with a '72 302 in it and the R-model fiberglass front end.  The steering is currently the arm-strong type, and very loose (scary loose!)...  I'd like to convert it to the disc brakes and power-steering all at the same time.  Is there a kit that everyone likes or recommends?  Also, it has Centerlines with an offset on it and I'd like to convert to classic mags.  What is the approved solution for driveable (not the skinny fronts) rims?  I apologize if there's already a post about this (didn't find it in my search).  Thanks for any and all help!


The V8 spindles used from 64-66 are the same for disc and drum brakes.  To convert, you'll need the caliper brackets, calipers, disc/drum master cylinder and a proportioning valve.

"Scary loose" steering can be caused by tons of things.  The most common are a worn or misadjusted steering box, worn suspension parts and poor wheel alignment.  Flaming River makes a good replacement box (I have one and like it) and there are also places that sell originals and one place that rebuilds them (he frequents another forum and has a good reputation, although he is busy and takes a while to get them done.  He has a web site -   The suspension parts are available through the major classic Mustang suppliers and sometimes at your local auto parts store.  Alignment is always an issue because most techs today don't have a clue how to do a classic vehicle.  The best way I've been able to find a good tech is by asking members of the local car club where they take their vehicles.  I have always found a good place.

I honestly don't know if there are good kits out there for the brakes and power steering.  There are kits listed in several of the catalogs for the Mustang suppliers (National Parts Depot, John's Mustang, etc.) that might be suitable but I have no information about them.  Your best bet might be to Google 65 Mustang disc brake kit and do some reading.

As far as wheels a 15x7 with no more than 4.25 inches of backspacing (distance between mounting flange and inside of rim) is probably the best wheel to give you good brake caliper clearance and tire choices. 

Hey Topless!

Thanks for the words!  Have been super busy, and this is my first chance to reply.  I took your advice and have been hunting around.  A 15x7 rim seems to be the way to go with some 225-60R15's.  Am most likely going to make all four corners the same unless someone has a suggestion.

As far as disc brake kits, there seem to be many choices and I'm still researching.  I've seen prices from $300-$1300 for just a front end kit.  I'm going to go with disc on the front and rebuild the drums on the rear.

The research I did seems to indicate Borgeson is the way to go with the Sampson(?) pump.  I plan on checking and replacing all the standard components: tie rod ends, etc.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.  Will keep you posted!



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