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Chasing Down Leaks - My '70 Mustang

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Good thought Jeff. HOA hates leaks more then I do.

If you car leaks repeatedly, the quarter size spot get bigger.

When I was going to college I worked at a gas station.  A trick we used when the Corporate guys would come by was to sprinkle cat litter on the oil spots and then take a wooden push broom flip it over so that the wooden top of the came in contact with cat litter and scrub.  It would get the oil that hadn't seeped in yet, and it would somewhat cover the stain - until it rained.

Continuing tightening up a bolt near a leak can (and will) compress the surrounding gasket material by deforming the sealing surface which will cause even more leaks to the sides of the bolt. The deforming is apparent when you remove the engine oil pan, auto transmission oil pan, valve covers, etc and use a straight edge. The fix there is to use a hammer and a small flat steel bar to "reform" the deformed area and check your effort with the straight edge.

Well I kow all about chasing leaks.. My 71 Mach I had a bad rear main seal when I bought it. I asked my friend who build engines for a living about it and he said that leak means you need an over haul. I fixed it anyway the next year my harmonic balencer went bad pulled it of and the key way on the crank was way whacked ended up pulling the engine and having it overhauled just like my buddy warned me..
Those chrome oil pans can be junk lots of times they are made out of inferior metal- Made in china..
I think my car is currently leak free fixed the last one when I scrapped the old tranny..


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