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Changing Manifold

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I am in the proccess of changing my stock two barrel to an Edlebrock performer intake and carb and in the old manifold there is a sensor of some sort at the middle front of the stock manifold. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what that might be. Also I thought I had a 289 but when I removed the stock manifold there was a 302 stamped in the valley between the heads, is this a 302?

Are you asking about the Temp sender in front just behind the distributor on the right side, and yes it sounds like you have a 302 block.

Yes, in the center front of manifold just behind distributor. Temp Sending unit, thanks.

By converting from a 2 bbl to 4 bbl and new intake how much of a power increase should there be?


Not really sure about that, the engine is all stock aside from the new manifold and carb but I hope to change that soon.


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