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Changing Manifold

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The stumble is only when accellerating hard from a dead stop. If driven normally it seems to run great. It will also sputter in park when just reving the engine, there is no stumble or hesitation even under hard accelleration when already moving. I can't imagine that it's to lean considering the engine is otherwise stock, also I already went down 2 stages on the jets and needles and it really made no difference. I don't seem to have any vacum leaks so I don't think it's vacum related, unless maybe the distributor vacum advance isn't working properly.

Have you played with the accelerator pump and linkage?  Are the float levels set properly?  Have you tried plugging your vacuum advance and just trying with the mechanical advance?  Are you running the vacuum advance from the correct port on the carb (should be the one with no vacuum at idle)?

f the floats are set too high, excessive fuel can slosh out of the bowls and into the vent tubes causing the engine to stumble.

Well it's running better all the time, I have gone 2 stages leaner on the needeles and jets and changed the step up springs to the black one's but I think I need to change to the orange. I also noticed that the distributor seems to be at least a 1970 unit as it has the modulator, but none of the other emission stuff as it's in a 65. The vacum port is capped off on the modulator but I am wondering if this distributor will work properly or if I should find an older model without the modulator or even one with a mechanical advance.

Well I tried but can't seem to get it running good on my own, I think I am going to have to take it to a professional and see what they can do for me. I'll keep you posted.


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