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Changing Manifold

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Well I am now thinking its the radiator itself. When I drained some coolant out this afternoon it started coming out at a trickle and slowed to a dribble. And after trying to drive it I still had the puking problem and it got hot, so I am thinking radiator problem. I guess I will have to take it out and get it looked at. Man summer is going to be over before i get this thing fixed :(

Well, I have fixed it. Stupid lower radiator hose. It's running pretty good but I still need to tune it. Gets a little sputtery at high RPM's, not sure if its the timing or the fuel and not being a mechanic I just kinds guess till it works better but it's gotten to dark to play with it tonight. I will update when it's all tuned.

Joe AZ 2 PA:
Was the old hose collapsings? The lower one should have a spring on it to keep that from happening. . . .  8)

Yes the lower hose was collapsing. It did have the spring in it but it was way off to the engine end of the hose so when I reached down to check the hose I felt that it was in there although the rest of the hose was still collapsing. All taken care of now. Still having issues tuning the new Edlebrock carb, runs great under normal conditions but if you accelerate any more than easy it stumbles and seems like its flooding. Already went 2 stages leaner but didn't seem to make much difference. Also is hard starting when fully warmed up.

stumble may be lean not rich, have you looked at your plugs to confirm?

You may need to play with the metering rod springs to get the proper fuel flow as you go thru your operating range.  Is the rpm of the engine sort of consistent with where it stumbles, or is it just when you give it gas?


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