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Changing Manifold

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It was pretty straight forward, vacum hoses and such were easy to hook up to new carb. The only bracket I used off the old manifold was for the throttle return spring. I am still having a problem with coolant blowing out of the radiator cap and overflow when iI get on it at all.

Have you had your radiator flushed, and installed a new cap and thermostat? That may help. Also do you mind passing on the carb, manifold part numbers, I am sure they are the same applications my car will need.

Also, what town in WA are you in? I am just south in Bend, Or.


Has new 13lb cap and 180 degree thermostat but I don"t know when the last time the radiator was flushed. It worked fine before the change but there is a substantial increase in power, could that make a difference? The carb is an Edlebrock Performer 1406 and the intake an Edlebrock Performer 289. Made a huge difference the more I drive it. I just told my local parts guy what I was doing and he recommended that setup. I live just south of Tumwater.

Thank you for the information, I may look into a set up for my car. Not sure why you are having the radiator issue, maybe someone on the site can help? In the mean time I will ask a motor head I know locally and get his take on the problem.


More power generates more heat, you may just have exceeded your systems capacity.

Another simple possibility is that you have too much coolant in the system and it is just venting the excess.  A lot of folks fill the system up and wait for the thermostat to open and fill it some more, which isn't wrong, but if your system is open and circulating and full, the coolant will expand as it heats and have to go somewhere.

With the engine running and the radiator open let the care reach the point that the thermostat opens.  fill to 2 -3 inches below the top of the radiator core.  That is enough coolant, more and it will overflow.

Change to a 16 pound cap, it raises the boiling point and will help reduce any overheating issues.

If those simple and cheap measures don't get you back to a properly performing cooling system, then either upgrade the water pump to a high volume pump, or upgrade to a larger aluminum radiator or better yet do both.


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