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Changing for 2V carb to 4V carb?


Is it worth putting a OEM 4 Barrel manifold (original cast iron) and carb(4100 w/1.08 venturi) on a 289 that originally came with a 2 Barrel carb?

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yes I would change to a 4 barrel, you will also get more fuel economy by doing this. I recomend getting the Edelbrock power package. you can get a new alum manifold and 600 cfm carb pretty cheap. plus it looks good. Edelbrock to me make the best carb and is very very easy to adjust. most the time its just bolt on and start and just adjust idle. dont get holly or carter quadajet both are headaches....

i found two  oem carbs at the pomona swap meet, 1st one $25, 2nd one $40. both 4 barrels 1.12v. one rebuild kit from a catalog NPD i think. then i found a 4 barrel cast iron manifold at the long beach swap meet for $75. i was very impressed. it was fun to rebuild and a great performance upgrade. i like the carb so much im thinking about installing a few on my blazers.

good find. there are good deals still out there but you gota look. personally the only carb I rebuilt was from my race quad.

my brother can fine tune a carter awsome.
feel free to post a how to on here.


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