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this is mainly for glen since he knows so much about carbs but if anyone else can help that would be awesome. on my 302 i have the holley street avenger carb i believe its the 670 cfm model but not 100% sure i need to run the #'s. but my question is: is that too big for my engine because when i accelerate too much it bogs down and stutters then goes as if its over carbureted or something. thanks if you can help

If that is a stock 4V 302, then yes it is way too much carb.  You should be  running somewhere between 480 and 520 CFM. 

woah alright then. anything i can do to make it not be too big other than stroke it or something? I didn't put it on the car the people that i bought it from had gotten the carb and the Edelbrock intake as a set off of ebay and stuck it on there, so i had no idea that it would be too big.

What I would do would be to sell the carb on Ebay and get another one.  That would be your cheapest fix. A lot of inexperienced people think that bigger is better when it comes to carburetors.  Nothing could be further from the truth unless you have the engine set up to handle it. 

you can rejet the carb and change the accelerator pump to match it to your engine.  Also with a slightly oversized carb you can also put a 1 inch spacer between the carb and the manifold and it will help a little. 

I agree that is too much carb for most 302's.  I ran a 600 CFM Carter AFB (Now what is sold as an edelbrock) on mine and with just minor tuning and the spacer plate I had smooth throttle response and no bogging or flat spots. 


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