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Can an EFI with a throttle body use an air cleaner?


I was reading around about the pros and cons of EFI and a Carb.  I have decided, because of where I live, I would probably want to go with a performance EFI.  But I want to keep the awesome look of having an oval air cleaner on top of the intake manifold with Mustang stamped on it.  I just couldn't find clarification what it means exactly to have an EFI with a throttle body intake.  So, do throttle bodies mount a carburetor-style air cleaner, or do they also have a pipe sucking in air.  If a throttle body doesn't do that, what does?  Again, I'm talking about EFI, not Carb.

I may have found my answer not sure though.  I found an EFI conversion kit that looks like it can mount an air cleaner right to the manifold, but I will have to contact to be sure.

all right there are some aftermarket kits like the edelbrock setup that mimic a look like the carb setup its pricey though

then you could also go with a factory efi setup with an aftermarket manifold and a throttle body

i imagine this would save quite a good bit of coin since you can pick up a stock 89-93 set for a couple hundred bucks and add a few more hundred for each of those parts?

Thanks, that helps.  I hate it when I ask a questions, then go back to searching and think I found the answer and it turns out that I did.  It happens to me a bit sometimes.

yeah it works like that a lot, i dont know how long youve been into classic stangs? im only 25 but ive been messing with them since i was 15 im on my 27stang right now :P not all were classics but about half were. but i come across a lot of stuff since i read the late model books along with the classic stuff

I've been into classics since I saw them.  I have never had one though.


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