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Can 65' 4 speed Top Loader work with new 5.0 340hp Crate motor?


I recently purchased 5.0 340hp Ford Racing Crate motor for my 1965 Restomod Convertible project.  I had planned to use my 4 speed top loader and leave my factory bell housing, and Zbar clutch linkage. I also planned to use new Ford Racing Late Model 157 tooth imbalance 50 ounce Ford Racing Flywheel to match up with the late model 50 ounce dampner. 

So my issue has come in trying to find a Diaphram style 10.5inch Pressure Plate/Clutch kit for 1965 when mating it with my late model 157 tooth Flywheel. 

Can this be done?  Has anyone successfully done this and if so can you provide part numbers and brands.   

I'm being told that the 65 style pressure plates had different bolt pattern and won't fit late model 5.0 flywheel which was drilled for late model pressure plates.  AND I'm hearing that if I opt to use late model pressure plate/Clutch kit which will line up with mounting holes on the late model flywheel, but unfortunately that late model pressure plate won't fit in stock '65 bell housing. 

Any help is appreciated.
Pat (Restomod guy)

I did something similar but with a slightly different setup (351W, toploader, diaphram clutch, stock 66 bellhousing, Ford Racing flywheel).

My flywheel (part number M-6375-A302, 157 tooth, 28 oz-in balance) has two sets of clutch mounting holes drilled and tapped (from the factory).  One set (the two holes on either side of and closest to each of the three alignment dowel holes) was the metric thread and was used for the late model clutches.  The other set of holes were SAE threads and were used for the stock 10" clutches.  The alignment dowels are not used with the 10" clutches.

I was using a McCleod clutch that would have been a stock-type replacement for that model year 289, but which was a diaphram style rather than the 3-finger style.  I bought the clutch at John's Mustang in Houston (this was years ago) but I know other companies make them and there could be one available locally at your auto parts store.  National Parts Depot and Mustangs Unlimited both list replacement style clutches that should work for your application - assuming your flywheel has the SAE holes as mine does.

If you do not know whether the flywheel you're considering has the two sets of holes, Ford Racing does have a tech line and they do seem to know their stuff.  It's (800) FORD788 (800 367-3788)

Hope this was of some help.

After thinking about it a bit I am having trouble understanding why the 10-1/2" clutch would not fit in your bellhousing.  As far as I could tell from my experience the dimensions were identical.  The only thing that's bigger is inside - the pressure plate and the friction disk.  And the radius of those two parts is only 1/4" more than the 10" clutch that would  normally reside in your bellhousing.  I know the mounting bolt holes for the 10-1/2" pressure plate and those for the 10" pressure plate on my flywheel are all on the same circumferential line (all are the same distance from the center of the flywheel)


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