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Can't start my 65

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I've had a 65 289 Coupe for about 4 years that has given me very little problems since I bought it.  Had some electrical issues last summer when I wired in a stereo amplifier, and ended up sourcing to a bad alternator and a poor connection with my voltage regulator.  After all that I thought all was good as it started up fine and got my 14.4 volts to the battery.  Didn't touch it for several weeks after that and it hasn't started ever since.  Starter cranks no problem (although I have to use a booster battery - new battery is on the shopping list once I get it running again).  Checked my plugs and I am getting spark although I would not classify it as a "strong blue spark".  Same with the lead from the coil to the distributor.  It sparks but not super strong.  I changed my plugs last night and still no go.  Just looking for some help before I go buy a new coil and/or distributor cap.  Outside chance my carb has varnished up?  It's a summer car only and I haven't put a lot of miles on it over the last 2 summers, mostly because of my alternator issues last year, and my not starting issues this summer.  Never really had starting issues before.  I'm kind of learning as I go, so any help is appreciated.  Thx.

If it has been sitting for two years, you most likely have bad gas.  Try  using some starter fluid to see if you can get it to fire.  If it does, then I'd overhaul the carb and drain the old gas and put in about 5 gallons of fresh gas with a new fuel filter.  I drive 'Ol Yeller a few miles each week to keep this from happening. 

Gas is old but did put stabilizer in it when I topped it up last fall.  Where do you pour the starter fluid?  In the carb?

Yeah, take off the air filter and spray the starter fluid directly into the venturi of the carburetor.  You do this when someone else is trying to start the car from the driver's seat, and the battery is full, and the cranking amps really spin the starter. 

Just thought I would let you know that the engine fires with the starter spray but just as quickly stalls as the spray gets consumed.  Just bought a siphon tube and will be replacing the gas as the next step.  Assuming it is bad gas, I suppose I will need to blow the gas from the gas line as well?


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