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Can't start my 65

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My '65 coupe has a drain plug on the bottom of the tank on the passenger side.  Yours should too.  I used to work overseas and would let my 65 sit for 10 months out of the year, and got along pretty well leaving it with a full tank of gas along with "Stabil", but after a few years, the gas finally turned into varnish.  Now  that I'm back in the states and retired, I drive mine at least once a week, if not but a few miles and keep the tank topped off with fresh gas as often as I can think about it.  So far, mine starts and runs like a scared rabbit. 
Yes, blow out the lines and change the gas filter. Also make sure the fuel pump is getting sufficient gas to the carb.  If not, then the pump may have gone south.  Take the line off at the carburetor and have someone try to start it while you observe just how much gas is coming through the line to the carb.
Let us know how it turns out. 

It does have a drain plug, but I thought I could have a hell of a mess trying to get the plug back in if I have more than 5 gallons of gas in there (which I should).  At least by siphoning, I can control it.  Stupid question, but any ideas on what to do with the bad gas?

I can't really drive it in our Alberta winters, but every fall I top the tank up and add fuel stabilizer.  Thought that should do the trick but looks like it finally caught up with me.

Also an update on starting.  I poured some water treatment in the tank the other day when trying the start fluid.  Before attempting to drain the gas I tried to start it again last night with the starter fluid and after a couple of attempts it fired up and kept running.  I let it idle (with some revs) for approx 5 minutes and thought all was good but I should take it for a short drive just to get everything warmed up and cleaned out.  Just as I dropped the hood and went to get stalled again, and I wasn't able to get it going again.  Draining the gas next and filling with premium.  Thanks for all your help and will keep you posted.  Great site with a lot of info.

Yeah, during the winter season condensation tends to build up in the gas tank, and gas and water don't mix.  I used a 5 gallon gas can to drain the old gas into, and since I lived on a farm I simply poured it out into a 55 gallon barrel and set it on fire.  You may just want to set it out in the air and let it evaporate.  Use the drain plug. 

Yay!  Fresh gas and got er running last night.  Couldn't be happier.  Looking forward to giving her a good wash and cruising over the long weekend.  Thanks for all your help Soaring. ;D

Great! Now drive that sucker on a long trip to get everything oiled up and greased up again.  Take your tool box with you.   ;D


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