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I am thinking about replacing the cam on my 68, 302 mustang, and I want to stay with mostly stock, does anybody has suggestions on which route I should take on this. Any advice will be great

Cam selection is a dark art best practiced on a full moon by cam grinding grease monkeys.

Seriously though, whether you are driving an automatic or manual transmission car, rear end gear ratio, power accessories and other variable go into the proper selection

You say you want to stay with mostly stock, but where do you want to deviate and what are your overall goals?

Camshafts are one of the most significant factors in how an engine performs.  Are you rebuilding an wngine, or just doing a cam change?  Will you run headers or a stock exhaust.  What kind of driving is the car going to be used for?

Is your intake a 2v intake or a 4v intake?

If your application is an automatic transmission car with the stock exhaust maniffolds and you are running a gear ration below 3.5 with a 4 barrel carb and your driving will be spirited street driving at times with a need for decent economy on highway drives, then a competition cams 255 DEH would be a good choice.

go to a manual transmission, lower gears and no highway driving and a 275 DEH might be more to your liking

you can almost always get away with one step larger of a cam that you think is perfect.

Talk to t tech at Comp Cams or Lunati and be totally honest about your goals and they will steer you right

I am just doing a cam change, the car has headers and C4 auto trans, with a 2v intake and planning to switch to a 4v, I am also planning to put 355or 373 gears on the car I understand that the 355 gears are a little more fuel efficient that the 373. I am not trying to built a race car but something nice to take on the road. Thank you for your advice


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