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1965 289 4v mustang with t-5 and 3:55 rear gears. my question is what cam should I use. I would like a slight lope but not enough that when I hit 5th gear I have problems. Right now the engine is bone stock and It runs fine but I plan to add a performer intake but will be using the original carb and manifolds. any suggestions. thanks.

Here is a Comp Cam chart that may answer your question.  It is difficult to choose a cam for someone else's application, but if you are not going to get rid of those iron exhaust maniforlds, you are starting with the wrong upgrade.

Ok, would the hipo manifolds be worth fooling with. I just hate to to the header route. I'm trying to keep things simple.

If you want to keep it simple, then keep your classic Mustang stock.  That is what I did.  I bought an 03 Mach1 for a go fast Mustang. 
The K code manifolds are not much better than the C code manifolds.   Afterall, that is 44 year old technology.  Just about any header  is far superior to the old iron restrictive manifolds.  What good will it do to try to make more power with a lopy cam if you can't aspirate the engine?  It will choke itself to death. 
Give Jegs or Summit a call and discuss it with them.  Here is the Jegs info.|2621403230

ok, one last try. If I end up using headers what about the mid- length headers.


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