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I have a 67 FB mustang with a C6 transmission. I used the standard cork gasket and the pan leaks auto tranny fluid alot. I went to a composite type gasket and it is better but still leaks. Is there something better out there to use or is it something you pretty much have to live with? Anybody have an answer for this? Thanks

This is what I would do, take the pan off and make sure it not warp and the bolt hole are not indented  into the inside. Make sure there isn't any remaining gasket material on either surface. Then I would find a good contact gasket glue and glue the gasket to the the pan cover. Next I would grease the gasket on the tranny side and install and tighten to the recommended torque specs. If that doesn't work I would start looking for hairline cracks in the pan or your case. Good Luck

I had that problem with mine and its not to bad now.  I ran a tap in to the bolt holes just to clean not cut new threads. Next I took a look at my pan and a lot of times when you crank the bolts down you can bend the lip of the pan. I laid the pan on the bench lip up and moved a socket around to each hole and using a ball ping hammer tapped the little dents out. I put on the gasket sealer on the pan and laid my gasket in place and let it set for 30 mins. Then put the sealer on the tranny and and began bolting the pan back on, just tight not to spec...letting is sit for 30 mins I tightened the bolts the rest of the way and he hasnt really leaked since.

Use the neoprene pan gasket and VHt Locktight liquid gasket on both sides of seal. Be sure to hammer flat pan flange and distorted surface to quarantee a good seal. Don't over tighten. Run a couple hours, shut off-and look for leaks in area and on ground next day or morning. Sometimes takes a while to work its way through.


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