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C4 transmission pan leak

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I have tried a cork gasket, then a synthetic gasket without sealer and with sealer and no luck stopping the pan from leaking. I now have a new pan and have a new gasket on the way... I want opinions on how to proceed, The guy at NPD told me to ruff up the flange of the new pan with light sand paper to give the gasket something to grip to. Sounds like acceptable advice. Do I use sealant or try dry again?? I understand to torque to 12 lbs and the sequence to do so. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I AM MISSING??  I am tired of dealing with this problem and want to get it corrected....... HELP !!!!!! In addition the NPD guy recommended sealer around the bolt holes and corners, if this is what is advised I want to know specifically what brand and type of sealant to try???

Thanks in advance for all help !!!!!!!


Jeff, it's called black RTV, and you can get it at any auto parts stores.  Slap that stuff on there with your rubber gaskets and torque down the bolts in the correct order and you will seal her from leaking. 


I am sure I need to let sit until tacky, do I apply to the pan side or transmission side or both?


I've always just used it on the pan side, around all the holes and its worked for me.

Yeah, let her sit for an hour or so to get tacky.  The pan side is preferable. 


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