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C4 transmission leak at linkage

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Great, just wanted to make sure. My wife just took the 67' for her first drive in it. I stood on the deck and watched her drive in front of our place. The Mustang is sounding great with the new exhaust system and looking better as time goes by. She came back with a smile and said how good it drives, I am liking the car more everyday, starting to become a love affair. This is a big statement from a Camaro guy....

The jury is still out on the tranny pan leak, so far so good !! Letting her set another day before crawling under to inspect.


You know damn well we  are going to require a picture of you and your wife with your 67.  Hell, if you have a video camera, take a video of your wife driving that 67 with that smile on her face. 
Have you voted in the Mustang of the Month contest?  If not, you need to do that.  Tomorrow is the last day. 

Yes, I will do that on both requests.



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