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HELP My son thought it would be a good idea to drop a 5.o into a 94 chev s10. and that's all he did . He has left it up to me to finish it . the transmission is a c4 from an ltd not sure what year. the question i have is there is no dipstick and there is a threaded whole on the pan that looks like something should thread into it. the picture is from someone else's post on here and I would like to apologize for using it without permission but i've search for days to find a pic of this on here to explain my situation... if someone can enlighten me as to what its for..

The later C4's used a dipstick tube that screwed into the pan (they're called "pan fill" as opposed to the earlier "case fill" dipstick tubes).  They're a bit hard to find but I bought one long ago at Jeff's Bronco.  It looks like he still stocks them.  See

It's possible you could get lucky and find one in good shape at a salvage yard too.

I thought it might be that .... there are also holes where i think the tranny cooler lines go into. its just a matter of finding the lines at the wreckers i guess... the local wreckers here dont have the tranny dipsticks ill check out the link you sent.. thanks again.


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