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I have a 67 Mustang with a 289 C4 the car won't move, the pump seems to be in good shape. the pan had grime but no metal shavings, could it be a converter? or a modulator?  any thoughts

How do you know the pump is good?  What method did you use to check to see if the pump is still good?  Have you tightened the bands?  If you don't know let us know.  You can do it with the transmission left in the car.  Is it completely full of fluid?   

are you checking the fluid properly?? it should be parked on a level surface with the motor running in park

Yes, but without feedback from the original poster we don't know what the problem is and how our intervention has helped.  Damn, I get tired of answering tech problems and get no feedback from the original poster. 

A c4 tranny is doable for the shade tree mechanic. It requires no special tools other than your regular wrenchs, sockets etc, but you will need snap ring pliers.
The kit to rebuild is decently priced, and so is the torque converter.  Just clean everything really good and go at it.  The key to a proper shifting tranny is setting the tolerances like the bands and making sure its spotless of grime during reassembly.


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