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C-4 Transmission and torque converter


So, I am restoring my 66' convertible and of course removed the trans and torque converter. It will be many more weeks or months before these go back on the car.  I removed all the fluid, but recently read you should not completely remove the fluid from the T.C., in order to keep the pump primed. What should I do since I already removed all the fluid? 

Also, even though the input and out seals on the trans are fairly new, should I change these right before reinstallation since it will sit untouched for quite awhile? I heard these dry up and leak when the trans in not in use.  Thanks for any help.   Bob

It will not hurt to drain the torque converter and let it sit empty (as long as the holes are plugged so nothing can get in there).  Before you install it, fill it about half full with transmission fluid.

I don't know about the seals in the transmission drying out if not used for a long time.  If it's a concern, schedule the transmission work to complete just before you put it into the car.

Thanks, that's reassuring. I will hold off on the trans for now and change the seals later. Appreciate it.


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