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buying my first Mustang V8 or i6


Hi All

I am looking into buying my first classic mustang. I have located two mustangs that I am interested in. One is a 1966 V8 (automatic) mustang with PB and PS, and the other is a 1968 inline-six (manual gear) convertible no power break or steering. The V8 is selling for $15000 and i6 is selling for $12000.

I am not sure which one would be the better option. If someone can let me know which option they would go for that would be great


It's hard to answer your question - you have to decide what you want and what you will use the car for.  If just putting around town then the I6 will be fine.  If you like the sound of the V8 then get the V8.  If you like the sound of a V8 but want a stick shift find a car with those features. 

Those prices seem high to me.  The best way to find out what competitive prices are is to go to ebay, find cars of the year you are interested  in, and look at those that sold (completed listings).  That will give you a good price range estimate.  Coupes tend to bring the lowest prices and fastbacks tend to bring the highest prices.  Convertibles tend to be priced less than the fastbacks and more than the coupes. 

If a car has a six cylinder engine that will reduce the value further.

thanks for your feedback.  Will check ebay listing


Great!  Also beware of rust.  The floor pans, cowls (areas just in front of the windsheild) and frames tend to rust.  It hast to be repaired, which costs money.  If a car has rust that lowers the price more.


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