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budget 13 inch brakes


to bad i already got a 13 inch kit but heres a new one for 1099@ from street or track thats right up there with a ssbc stand kit   

I don't read where this kit furnishes the dual master cylinder, new line from the MC to the rubber line, nor does it include a proportioning valve.  That's sounds like a lot of money when Dennis's kit contains all the listed items plus what I listed at about half the price. 

there are a few more things optional i think the master cyclinder kit is 75$, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper than my ssbc 13 inch kit i paid 1409.00 but npd want 1900.00 for it :-X i got it priced matched thru jegs and got free shipping

I don't understand why the dual MC would be "Optional."  If you are going from shoe brakes to disks, the dual MC with the small and large bowl is not "optional," it is mandatory.  And, I'm not convinced that the bigger disk brakes are necessary on a 65-66 Mustang because they are not heavy enough to justify the extra cost of larger disk brakes IMO.  For half that price, you can put a kit together yourself, and right over the counter parts too.  Brand new reproductions.   ;D


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