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i just got a deal on a complete front disc conversion and grab a trac suspension...picked it and a new fuel tank and head liner for 650..

my question is has anyone ever installed this kit?

is it pretty much self explanitory??

it is for an auto car...which i plan to change to also(currently 3speed)..
any suggestions on trans?...AOD c-4 c-6?

Do you still have the 289 in that bad boy?  If so, the Aod will get you the most gas mileage on the freeway.  The C4 and C6 are basically the same automatic transmission, but the C6 has heavier more durable components but robs power. 
C6 everything is bigger, bell is big converter is huge etc.. This tranny works perfect behind a BBF and Trucks, but in a classic with a 289 or even a 408, it robs all the power and they weigh about 50lbs more than a C4.  I would look at getting an AOD. 

anyone make an aod swap like the ones for the 5 speed swap?

1 more thing..
whats the difference between the 67 front brakes and the 68..
apparently the brakes i bought were for a 68 and i have a 67...
what am i going to have to do to make them work if anything?

67 disc brakes are 65-66 disc brakes - 68 disc brakes are 69-70 disc brakes. 67 front drum brakes are 68 thru 70 drum brakes. That's the simple answer. 68 discs should work but there's always the unexpected.


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