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Brake problem on 1965 Mustang

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Need help diagnosing brake problem - Mustang pulls hard to right when stopping, had it out the other day and brakes became "very stiff" like stepping on a brick - Drove home, took wheels off, no leaks, everything looks okay, possible problems?????   Drum brakes, all new a couple of years ago, car is only driven occasionally in summer months, probably less than 500 miles on new brakes.   Buddies are saying it is probably brake booster?   Any way to check if this is the problem.    Hear air noise when stepping on brake pedal, is this normal?

Did the "new brakes" include replacing/rebuilding the master cylinder and the brake cylinders? If not, go to a brake shop and have the lines flushed, new fluid put in and adjusted. If so, adjust both sides and pay attention to the auto adjust feature. As to the air noise, you may have a leaky hose. Open the hood and with the engine running, have someone step on the brakes while paying attention to the booster.

Brake cylinders were replaced, master cylinder - no.   The pulling to the right has been an ongoing problem, not my main concern right now......trying to figure out if the booster is bad and that is what caused the stiff pedal and poor brake efficiency.   Any way to definitively determine if booster is bad???  RE:  "Open the hood and with the engine running, have someone step on the brakes while paying attention to the booster."  - What am I looking/listening for? with the booster?   

pulling to one side is not generally associated with a bad brake booster.

I would have the system tested to determine if the pressure at each wheel is comparable side to side (front to front, rear to rear)

What is the status of your alignment and the condition of your front suspension?

Yeah, do what Jeff says. You have two different problems, the booster and the pull. Listen for a vacuum leak (a hisss) with the engine running from the booster area, typically the hose, but there is a diaphram inside the booster too.


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