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Brake pads


Ok so just over 11 years ago I converted the front brakes on my 66 V8 coupe from drums to disks using the SSBC kit p/n A120-20( ). Well since it is not my daily driver and I try to keep the milage down on it I am finally in need to new brake pads for my front brakes. I checked on SSBC's website and they said to use p/n 1600081, and I found them on Summit's website for $72.45 a set. But first off I want to know if anyone happens to know if that is the correct part, and if there is a less expensive part that will work. If you could help me out that would be great.


BTW here is the link to the part on Summit's page:

Ok just for everyones info. I ended up calling SSBC and after a little research on thier end they said that I should just ask for brake pads with the part number of D11. I did this and they work great.


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