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Bought a 1973 Mustang, it won't stay running


 I just bought a 1973 Mustang. Every thing thats been done to the car was by the guy i bought it from. The car was made with 351c  2v intake manifold, now it has a 4v. It has Headers, MSD Ignition with new plug wires, Edelbrock manifold, a 670cfm Avenger Double pumper carb. The firing order is right. All vacuum lines are new,(when) I can keep it running, it runs very rough. My question is, too much Carburetor or not enough Fuel? or could it be some thing else?  any help would be great.

What manifold vacuum are you reading (hook up a vacuum gauge to a port on the intake)?  It's possible there's a vacuum leak between the intake and the heads or between the carb and the manifold.   Does it smell rich or is there black smoke coming out of the exhaust?  What is the timing at idle?  Are you sure the carb is set up correctly and that the float levels are set properly?  What is the fuel pressure at the carb?

  Thank you for your input, these questions you ask will give me things to check out, which I didn't think of.


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