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BEST Chrome bumpers for 65-66 Mustangs

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OK.  I've seen these new reproductions bumpers from Taiwan and I'm not happy with the quality at all.  You can see the sand grain marks and also the chrome seems to have "orange peel" to the finish.  Of course any of the Mustang houses will say their bumpers are great and I'll be happy, but I don't want to get into a shipping back-n-forth deal trying to find a nice rear bumper.

There used to be a company called Nordam or something similar that made pretty nice ones.  I've heard of 2 companies that say theirs are the best, and 1 is CLASSIC REPRODUCTIONS from Arkansas, and the other is KEYPARTS from Japan.  Has anyone seen or tried these?  Will they please a perfectionist?

I actually bought a pair of NOS FORD from ebay, but found out the tooling was so worn out that they looked awful and sent them back. 

Your help is appreciated.

I have been on several Mustang sites for several years now, and the bumpers that come from Japan into Seattle are the best.  (Nordam)  When I had the body of my 65 refurbished, I bought two of them.  After 10 years, they are still looking good, but I did have to POR 15 the inside of them and put on a coat of paint on the inside.  The outside chrome still looks great.

I got a set of 64-66 bumpers about four years ago from National Parts Depot. The were acceptable for my 66 hardtop daily driver. I have a set of Ford bumpers in my garage still in the box, the last run of Ford supplied that they made, and they are better. I also have a set of rechromed bumpers and those have the best quality. Start with a set that have minor dings and get them rechromed.

And, re-chroming is about as cheap as buying new ones. 

Yes, but first you have to have a set of originals!  Then I'd have to go thru the same problem as above with private sellers saying their original bumpers look good.  I have a set of NORDAN but the rear has a good size ding in it.  I've heard NORDAN, which was originally sold thru NPD are no longer the quality they once were.  THat's why I'm asking about Classsic and Keyparts.  ANyone seen those 2 companies bumpers?


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