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Bad luck today


Took the day off to celebrate my 45th birthday and get some stuff done on the Mach 1 and the Garage.

Got the garage wired for electricity and have wiring run for additional lighting.  Sheetrock goes up tomorrow.

Got the interior back in the car from a stereo install project and went to install a set of Baer Ironsport rear disk brakes.  Pulled a wheel and checked for clearance- no go-so it is either Magnum 500's or rear discs and I think the current wheels win out at least for now- So I swapped the chunk in the rear end to put my 4.11's back in now that I have my 5 speed and . . . the driveshaft is too long- gonna have to get it cut down-I was in total denial when this happened, but apparently when Keisler cut the shaft, they didn't leave enough play to deal with my webbed N case Daytona pinion chunk which is a 1/2 longer than the one I had in the car.  So it is off to the driveshaft shop for a chop weld and rebalance tomorrow and hopefully this weekend I can play a little bit.

Now I have to wire the stereo 11 wires and a few ties and I'll be done and ready to put the console and clock back in the car and replace that one burned out light bulb behind the fuel gauge :(

oh and I still have to weld in some brackets for the new front bumper . . .

Happy friggin birthday, but at least I didn't install the brakes and get stuck without wheels that fit . . . or electrocute myself installing that new breaker in the box.

Sounds like you are trying to do too much in one day.  It would take me a whole day just to wire the garage.  Take it slow and easy you young whipper snapper.   ;D

Trust me, I had help!  No screw up on our part-just bad luck.

Still it beats working.

Oh and it is training and flooding again here in Nashville

I took a day off (not birthday though) recently and thought i would do a 'little' work on my Mustang.
A good chunck of the day later i was still at it. Time flies  :) still enjoyed it. So i know what you saying.
Oh and happy birthday mate.

I know what you mean about time flying when you are having fun.  Sometimes though, you run into snags and you just have to walk away and come back another day.  That's what happens to me with wiring.  I still have courtesy lights that won't come on.  And, I know I am the culprit who caused it when I replaced the rear harness.  I have wiring diagrams out the wazoo and still can't figure it out. 


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