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Automatic transmission not shifting in drive position

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 A member from the French section has a problem with his automatic transmission from his 69 Mustang after being stored in his garage for a while. Here is the symptoms:
When in drive position, the car stays stuck in first gear.
When in 1st position and shifted to 2nd, it goes to the next gear.
From 2nd to drive it stays in second and if the car slows down, it goes back to first gear and won't shift again.
The reverse is working fine.
Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

Obviously, there are a few things wrong.  The bands need tightening and the fluid and filter needs changing. Since he is overseas, and probably not able to take it to a Ford savvy shop, have him drain the fluids, replace the old with new and see if that helps.  He will also have to drain the converter.  If he does not know how to do that, then tell him to get back.  Question.....and I think we talked about this before....  Can he get the correct ATF fluid for that tranny?  Does he have enough mechanical sense to tighten the bands.  We can tell him how if he doesn't. 

Thanks. He seems happy with your explanations.

No he is not  ;D He has no idea how to tighten the bands. Is this a big job?

Glen has a link on adjusting C4 bands in the FAQ section.


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