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Adjust 68 2v 2100 Carb w/ Auto Tran & A/C

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What is the correct steps to adjust the fuel mix and hot engine idle?
My book says set mix screws at 1 1/2 turns from closed and start the hot engine idle at 1 1/2 also. 

Also, my car was running fairly smooth, but not perfect.  It has a Pertronix II Ignitor and Flamethrower II Coil.  I noticed a leak at the donut section of the exhaust on the driver side and tightened it up to seal it, which it appears to have worked.  But now my engine runs rougher, so I decide to go back through the steps to adjust the timing and carb from scratch, but it still runs more rough than before I fixed the leak.

Any ideas?

I have been rebuilding Motorcraft 2100 carburetors for several years now, and I always set the idle adjustment screws to 2 1/4 turns out initially.   The correct way to adjust them is by using a vacuum gauge, but I just use my ear. 

Ok, so 2 1/4 turns out to start.  The the book says adjust the screws IN... but I could swear last time I did it, I used the vacuum like you said and adjusted out until I got the max vacuum.

It was at a vacuum of 15-17, something is making it float up and down.  Using the tach method dropped it down to 13-15.

Would it matter that the horns are broke off?

  Yes, you need to have the horns.  Snap a pic of the top of your carb so I can see what damage has been done. 

Attached a pic.


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