Author Topic: A few ????s about my '72 coupe  (Read 8999 times)


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A few ????s about my '72 coupe
« on: August 06, 2005, 12:46:28 AM »
I have a few questions about some things.

1. I have the 351 C 2V. what exactly is the 2V. I got the impressions that the 4V was more performance tuned, but what part of the engine does that have to do with, and how much of a differance does it make?

2. I have a completle 351C that i plan on putting in my coupe, and then pretty much just the block from a 351C, what is that block worth, i have heard that it is worth quite a bit, because they are reletivily rare. I have a guy thinking about buying the block from me and i'm just wondering what i could get for it.

3. Im thinking about getting a new intake manifold and carb, and i found an intake and carb combo with a 750cfm Holley carb, for around $480, i was thinking about getting that, but then somebody told me that he has heard that Holley carbs are nothing but trouble, just wondering what experience anybody has had with holley carbs.

4. The vinyl top on my car was completly ruined, and i was just wondering what everybody does with that. I was thinking about just painting it and leaving it like that. I dont think the look of the vinyl top looks all that great, i think i would rather just have the painted top, then you have less rust, and the top doenst wear out or burn up in the sun. Or would that really drop the value of the car changing it from the "stock look"?

5. Im gonna rebuild that completle engine this winter; i was thinking about putting in higher compression pistons. What is a safe compression ratio that i can run without having to run high octane gas, or do anything else special. And what kind of rebuild kit would you recommend, and from where.

Thanks for all the help, I know its kinda long, but i hope i can get some good answers. Thanks


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Re: A few ????s about my '72 coupe
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2005, 10:31:58 AM »
the differnce between the 2v and 4 v is the heads. and manifold. 2v=2 barrel 4v=4 barrel.

As for carbs is personal choice ,but hooly has had problems in the past with thier power valves. I am very impressed with with edelbrocks , all the adjustments are on the out side and easy to tune,plus it comes polished already . I went to PAW preformance and got there combo with a 600 cfm carb for 425 shipped. as for getting a 750 cfm unless your motor is motified you will be drowning the motor and loose power.

for your vynl roof ,if you dont like it get rid of it. you will have to grind down the roof above the door were the trim was to make it neat looking. look in the reader rides are and you can see my 73 coupe im doing.



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