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9 inch rear end


I have a chance to buy a 9 inch rear end with disc brakes attached for $150. Do anyone know will it fit on my 73 mustang, it comes from a truck and I wanted to get rid of my drum brakes . Is this a easy swap?

what year and style truck? leaf or coil springs?

with some light welding-- actually attatching it should be no problem--- what the larger concern is, would be how the drive shaft mounts to the yoke coming out of the front of the pinion

hey brother I would measure it and then measure your of course and then go from there. It looks like you got a steal. Later

Yeah, Russ is right.  It depends on what rear and axle you currently have, such as a 57 1/4" length 1965 Mustang as compared to a 1967 59 1/4" Mustang rear.  Measure the truck rear and axle for length, and decide if you have enough room in your wheel well to add an inch or so on both sides without rubbing with your current wheels and tires.  Check out the connection of the yoke to the rear as Dave mentioned.  Ask which gears that 9" has and if it is traction lock. 


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