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I need an original mach speedo/tacho lens and other bits and pieces for my Mach. There is nothing in Oz and they dont make a replacement with a trip meter reset button...this is frustrating. Tim175 and other `71 - `73 owners I need YOUR help.....please  :)  regards from Australia.

Are you watching ebay?

I saw a few complete instrument clusters for $35 bucks or so and even if all you need is a lens, having a spare printed circuit and instrument voltage regulator is worth the money.

I saw a console posted (without pictures) yesterday as well.

If a seller won't ship to you, I could help you with that end of it and have it shipped to me and ship it to you, even though that adds to the cost.

You said you needed a steering wheel-is yours missing or just cracked?  There are epoxy based repair kits that work very well.  I'll be pulling my steering wheel soon to make repairs to two significant cracks.  I have done them before with a product called acraglass used in the firearms industry and the repairs can be made so that they are virtually invisible.  The epoxy comes with black and brown dyes so ginger and black steering wheels are the easiest to repair.

Thanks mate I will check out Ebay now. The steering wheel I have is after market and wanted to put the original one back on. I really appreciate your offer and will keep you posted.

I could use a cluster myself. My  trip meter reset dosent work. could also use a stearing wheel. Been watchin those for awhile.Worth there weight in gold these days..

I don't understand the hype about wood grain rivited steering wheels that cost a zillion dollars.   My old cracked wheel turns O'l Yeller just fine.   ;D


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