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Jeff which Ebay site did you go on? I thought I was on the main one and found nothing??? Was it Ebay America?? This Dash lens reset button thing is going to be the death of me!! Don't want to put a lens in that doesn't have a reset button. G'day from Aus.

Okay, here is the deal.  I looked at the ebay site again and none of the lenses or clusters are the one you want.

There is a 73 Mustang in the local wrecking yard, but it is pretty much stripped at this point and what is there is not in great shape.  But I am pretty sure it has the wrong cluster and lens.  I can go by on the weekend and take a look.  It might still have a steering wheel, but I don't think so.  I'll let you know what I find next week.

Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate your kindness. Im also tossing up whether to buy new suspension here or over there. I have priced the Grab-a-trak from Mustangs Plus, however the freight is the killer ($350). Having said that, it is still close to the price of the local content so it is a delemour?? Grab-a-Trak certainly gets a great wrap. What do you think. Well I'm off to work (6pm) to deal with drunks and idiots so take care and talk soon. Regards and many thanks from Oz.


here is a console

I'm not familiar with the suspension set up you are referring to.  I am running a stock suspension with 5 leaf 200# rate rear springs and 600# front springs with an add on rear sway bar and am fairly happy.  What are you looking to do?  I have plans for homemade subframe connectors and underride traction bars if you are interested I'll locate them and give you the links.



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