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71 Mach 1 keeps blowing turn signal fuse


After reinstalling the 351c engine, now it keeps blowing turn signal  fuse. Where do I begin to even look for the cause. The fusebox has same 20amp fuse for radio and turn signals. thanks

If you do not have a schematic, you should get one to help you.

Does turning on the radio blow the fuse?  If not and if your brake lights work without blowing the fuse, the problem is almost certainly in the front turn circuits.  Look closely at the wiring from the firewall to the radiator support to see if any wires are worn through, pinched, chafed, stretched or otherwise damaged (when you removed/reinstalled the engine do you recall it getting hung up or hitting any of the wiring - if so that area would be a good place to start).  It is possible that the damage is inside the wrapping and that you'll have to unwrap the harness to find the issue but a fuse blowing suggests a short to ground so it's very possible that the damage is visible.

check the wiring and see if you see something chaffed

   I figured it out and want to share the solution:  The tranny is a Tremec TKO 500. It has a neutral safety switch on it. The wires going to it were disconnected, so I just reconnected them, and presto-- no more blowing the 20 amp fuse.   goes to the old saying -- check the simple things first!


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