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71-73 Mah 1 Interior question

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I recently obtained a new stereo for my mustang and i was wondering if anyone had some suggestions and what not of placement for it. It is obviously too big for the original radio hole, and i do not want to butcher that plate up if possible. Anyone that has put a new stereo in these cars if you could help me that would be great.

Put it in the glove box.

That might just work considering that it has a remote so i wont have to reach for it when im driving. Ill try that and see how it works out. Thanks for the idea.

I butchered mine.. See if you can find another raidio plate even if you could find one that already been sliced up you could use it and save your old one.

Well Glen i tried the glove box idea today. Due to the fact that i have ac the glove box is too small for it. So i guess i have no choice but to cut up the plate and put it in there. If anyone else has a placement idea it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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