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anybody have any ideas on how to repair a rotted cowl? both sides are rotted right through i can open the glove box and see sunlight, i love new england, ive never seen any kind of repair patches or anything for that, i know you can band-aid it yourself, but its only temporary any ideas would be greatly appreciated

If you want to do it right, you will need to replace the entire cowl with a new one.  Just google "Mustang Cowl Replacement" and you will get several very good articles on the subject.  The Muntang Monthly article is especially good.  Set aside a great deal of time (an entire summer) to get the job done.  It is neither easy nor cheap. 

yeah you can google that article it will give you a general idea, only problem is they dont make an entire lower cowl. idk if they even make patch panels for the 71-73 cars right now. but basically you have to drill out the spot welds holdiing the upper panel to the lower separate them. cut out the cancer from the lower then replace with fresh metal and do some preventative painting then spot the weld the top panel back on

Well, Stephen, according to this, you can get both the upper and lower replacement parts for the 67-68, but unfortunately not for the 73.  I guess you just need to have good welding skills to do this job, and it could take up to a week even if you know what you are doing.
More information that may be beneficiary.

Start looking for auto junkyards that have 71-73 Mustangs. They can remove the parts and ship them to you. It can get quite pricey though. I go to Phoenix every year to see family so I hit the yards out there for mostly rust free parts. I have a 73 conv. so I know how hard parts are to find.


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