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Most of the parts for the car are still there, however I've found out that they don't have the front seats for it.  I've checked ebay but they don't have any there.  Does anyone have a clue where I could find them at a descent price?  I've gotten some ideas from Paddock, Mustangs Unlimited, and CJ Pony Parts.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

 Did you see the 69 seats on Ebay?
Ebay link


--- Quote from: Thierry on July 10, 2008, 02:59:07 PM --- Did you see the 69 seats on Ebay?
Ebay link

--- End quote ---

Honestly, I'm more familiar with the fox body stuff.  But somebody told me that the seats for the 70 are one year only.  Can I use 69 as well?

Yeah, the rails are interchangable, so if the 69 rails don't have the same hole spacing, you can just change to the 70 rails on the 69 seats.  However, IIRC they are exactly the same for the 69-70 years.  Those 69-70 seats on Ebay at currently 49 bux looks like a good deal.  There are several days left, so just put it on your watch list then bid at the last minute.  The seat covers and foam may have to be replaced, but that's what restoration is all about. 

Thanks for the help.  Those look like they're in good shape, but it's local pickup only no shipping.  The other set is in New York with a reserve not met.


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