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70 mustang not starting


I have a 70 mustang that will not hold a charge.  I jump start it and it starts.  When I turn it off and restart it again, it is dead.  It has a new battery,new starter.  what else could it be?

You have a drain of voltage from somewhere.  You may have a light left on or your lights like the tail lights are being left on.  When you park it at night, check to see if the tail lights are still on.  That could  be your problem.  Also, take that battery back to where you bought it from and have them check the cold cranking amps.  While you are at it, take the alternator off and have them check it.  Somewhere in the system, you have a FUBAR circuit that is draining your system or is not charging properly.   

These old mustang seem to have a grounding problem. If your battery holding a charge next check your ground straps.. there should be a ground from battery to block and a ground strap from block to the firewall. Make sure you have a good contact. If these look good see the above paragraph.


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