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70 Mach 1 Exhaust Clamp issue


Another question:  I'm doing a pre-car show season "buff up" of my 1970 Mach 1 428 CJ. It has an aluminumized  correct exhaust system with the correct long shoulder pipe clamps but they are not FOMOCO and P/N stamped. They are badly rusted. I decided to replace them with the correct long shoulder FOMOCO stamped. I was leaning towards standard stainless steel clamps but they wouldn't be of the correct design of the correct ones. Is there any way I can protect the clamp from future rust? They car does not get wet however it is stored in my garage and does go to shows so preventing moisture doesn't seem practical. Any tips for me on this?? Thanks a million. Ken

I would use the correct replacements.  You can clear coat them with an appropriate finish product (satin or flat) to extend the appearance.  If you cover the car when it's stored in the garage it will also help to ensure that there is air circulation under the car when it's in the garage - make sure that the bottom of the cover is several inches off the ground so that air can circulate under the car and prevent moisture from being trapped underneath it.


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