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68 won't start
« on: January 08, 2010, 04:49:04 PM »
O.K. This is my first post so here goes.  I have a 68 coupe with a 302 2V w/ a C4 auto trans.  First the teeth on the starter were all chipped.  So I replaced the starter and the starter solenoid at the same time.  I started the car a couple of times and it sounded like the start was not dis-engaging completely.  So I used some thick washers as spacers on the starter and re-installed it.  When I started the car it sounded like the starter was still hitting the flywheel, but worse.  So I turned the key off, but the engine kept running.  So I went and pulled the negative lead off the battery to kill the car.  I messed with the key and then tried to hook up the battery again, but when I went to hook up the lead it sparked and the engine tried to run.  So I replaced the new starter solenoid with the original one, but when I tried to start the car it wouldn't even make a noise.  Nothing at all, not even the starter.  I pulled the starter off and had it tested and it tested fine.  I replaced the starter solenoid with another new one and still nothing.  No noise at all when I try to start it.  My battery has 12.80 volts and the lights, radio, and gauges all come on and register.  I have replaced the ignition switch and the key\ tumbler with new ones from O'Reilly.  I also replaced the Voltage regulator, and the alternator is about 2 months old.  I have no clue what is going wrong and am at the end of my knowledge.  I am not sure if something might have blown when the spark happened.  I verified all of the fuses are good and none blown.  Please help.


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Re: 68 won't start
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2010, 06:33:06 PM »
Since your Mustang is an automatic, replace the starter with one for a standard transmission.  Sometime in the past, Ford screwed up and mixed up the numbers in the computer making an automatic transmission starter fit only the standard transmission.  Put the new solenoid back on, and see if that resolves the problem.  As far as a sticking ignition that keeps the car running after turning it off, it can only be traced to the ignition switch.  Take it back and get another one. 



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