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I just bought my 1st project... 68 Coupe.

Did this year have a radiator coolant overflow tank?  

The radiator has a hose outlet, but no hose or tank was with the car.  I've looked everywhere to find a tank, but the only thing I've found is a resto-mod chrome overflow cylinder for $90.



No one ever replied but the answer is NO.  This year did NOT have an overflow... it just dumped it on the ground if it overheated or if you filled it too full. 

I did add a tank to mine as I just didn't like the idea of accidentally putting contaminants on the ground.

Good job.  You have to be a little patient here for awhile before you get an answer.  We are currently building the site, and with guys like you, it will get built very quickly.  Yeah, my 65 didn't have an overflow tank either, but that didn't stop me from going to Autozone and getting an aftermarket one for less than 20 bux.  Along with my 4 row rad, 6 blade fan, shroud, 180 thermo, overflow tank and wetter water, my old dinosaur runs cool as a cucumber. 

Wow! You started this topic in 2005. You must be one of the oldest member of the site.
Thanks for answering your own question so others can benefit from it. I wonder why me or others did't answer. It didn't seem to be too hard to find out.

I see the 2005 date now..... :o 


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