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68 302 would not start


I have a 68 302 2v coupe, we replace the fuel pump, spark plug  , wires and cap also the pcv valve, the person who had the car had an alarm which we disconected he had a sensor on the hood, the trunk lid the doors in case if somebody open it, the alarm will go off, after we removed the alarm the car would not start, we did discover that the ignition swicth was staying on and was killing the batery and it was replaced the ignition relay is good, the coil is good, the motor turns but it will not crank, could it be the starter,has anybody has had a problem like this. I am wondering if the alarm was wired in some way that will prevent the car from starting if it was removed. I am ready to get the car running any help will be aprreciated

You need to get a wiring diagram to see what was screwed with during the alarm redneck wiring the PO did.  Most lilely the wires that go from your solenoid to your distributor need to be corrected.  Just a guess.  But, obviously you have an electrical problem. 

thank you it is being a head buster trying to figure out the mess

"the motor turns but it will not crank"  Do you mean that the starter is turning over the motor and it will not start, if it is, you might want to try this? As Soaring stated you need to get a wiring DIA, but a quick way to make sure that the engine will start is this. Make sure the car is in neutral with brake set, disconnect the wire on the coil, from the harness that goes to the firewall, not the wire going to the distributor(the terminal going to the distributor should have only one wire on it, if there is more than one it is most likely part of the alarm systen disconnect it so only the wire going to the distributor remains. Use a jumper wire from the terminal you disconnected to the battery, now using the key to work the starter, turn over the engine, if there are no other problems it should start. If it doesn't start check for spark by removing the coil wire from the dist cap and placing it near a metal part, when you turn over the engine it should show a spark. If it still doesn't start when you know that you are getting a good spark, check for fuel delivery. If you do not get spark check your point gap. To make it stop you will have to pull the wire off the battery terminal. If you have an electric fuel pump that replaced the manual one that also could be wired into the alarm system. What you are doing is hot wiring the engine. Most of these alarm systems create an "open" circuit to either or both the starter and the ignition system, if your engine turns over when you use the key it is only creating an open to the ignition circuit. Look under the hood and dash, you should be able to spot where it has been attached.  Advance and autozone among others sell books  for about 15.00 that will tell all about your vehicle. They are not shop manuals, but a good basic reference. If it ran before you removed the alarm, and did nothing else there is still something attached to the ignition circuit some where, the Hot Witing should bypass whatever it is for a fast check.


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