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67 Not starting


I have a 67 200CID that has been sitting for 2 years.  When I tried to get it running like it was when it was parked, it would not fire up.  I put gas into the carb and go it started, but it does not seem to run on all cylinders, only partial power.  I changed the sparkplugs and the fuel filter.  Any advice on what it could be?

Could be any number of things, but after sitting up I'd check that the points were in good shape and then consider either rebuilding the carb or giving it a very thorough cleaning.  Gas evaporates and leaves varnish that can clog up the jets and idle circuits.  If the gas in the car is 2 years old consider draining the tank and starting with fresh gas.  gas does go a little sour over time. 

I totallly agree with Jeff.  Drain the fuel, and put in a few gallons of fresh gas. 

Check the compression also to see what cylinders are dead and what not.


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