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67 back up switch

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have a 67 4 spd toploader.  289 engine   convertible....have original back up light switch but looks like brkt has been modified before i got it.  can anyone post a pic or send me a pic of how this is supposed to mount ???  have factory manuals but pics are crappy at best.  i think it mounts to shifter, but no seeing this clearly....been driving me nuts too long


Not sure about a 4 speed toploader, but on my 3 speed manual, the switch mounts up to the side and rear of the transmission where the reverse rod can hit it.  Find the reverse rod, then  put the transmission in reverse then crawl under there to see where it should hit the switch.

thats kind of where i have been.  the bracket on the 3 speed seems pretty staight forward.  i am just not seeing the obvious mounting for the 4 speed.  the bracket has different "step" bends and i just dont see where it mounts.  this project came to my with parts in boxes in the trunk, and first time i really have been in depth with mustangs.

I crawled under my 65 and saw the old switch mounting area, but just haven't replaced it yet.  I guess I should get to that replacement soon, but just haven't actually needed backup lights.  It's just a luxury we really don't need, and the switch is an expensive item.  Keep searching  for answers from other posters, and post some pics of your Mustang.
Here is some information that may be helpful.

The toploaders have a little hole on the shifter mechanism about 1 cm diameter where a little push button switch sits - put it in reverse get under the car and have a look - from memory it will be on the front of the shifter.

It's just above where all the linkages attach to the bottom of the shifter. If you can imagine the main shifter chassis frame where everythings bolts up - its on that.

Put the shifter into reverse (inside car) it sends the lower shifter lever forward which then pushes on a little round switch - or near where this hole would be. You can always drill your own.

My toploader also has a little switch built into the side of the gearbox (2 pin plug). I thought that was the reverse switch when I first got the gearbox - but it didn't work - who knows what it was?


The switch and bracket are a single unit and it attaches to the front of the shifter mechanism with a 1/4-28X3/8 hex head bolt with a built-in lockwasher to a tapped hole. About the only modification I can think of would be if there was a Hurst shifter in there at some time, they use a different way to engage reverse.


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