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67 289 Edelbrock Carb Flooding

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Have a 67 289 with an edelbrock carb on it (carb came with the mustang when I bought it).  About 6 months ago it got garaged and hasn't been started since.  This weekend we pulled it out to get it up and running again, replaced the fuel tank, fuel sender, and in-line fuel filter, put in some gas and tried to start it up.  After trying a few things to get it going I noticed that so much fuel was pumping out of the carb that it was overflowing.

It ran fine with no problems before it got garaged and I'm fairly new to working on cars so I'm learning everything as I go but I have no idea what could be causing this.

Thanks in advance.

the float is sticking in the carb, try tapping on it to loosen the float. if that doesnt work your gonna need to take the top of the carb off

Yep stuck float. Good news is Ed carbs are about the easiest carb to work on . I'd just take off the top and clean it out first. Might need a rebuild kit. They are extremely simple.

ive had an edelbrock carb before, but ive never taken it apart it always worked great. but letting something mechanical sit is never good

I have had my Motorcraft carb on my 65 289 sit for several years at a time, and the float never got hung.  But, I always drained the gas tank and ran the engine dry of fuel before storing it.  Never leave fuel in a carburetor for a long time if you plan to store it for a long period of time.  That goes for anything from Mustangs to lawn mowers to weed eaters.   


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