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Is it worth paying the extra for parts like Scott Drake or are the cheaper parts ok.

Remember the old saying "You get what you pay for"?  These parts are critical to your life and safety - this is definitely not a good place to skimp on quality to save a few bucks.

Personally, I buy quality parts from a known source such as National Parts Depot, Glazier Nolan Mustang Barn or one of the other reputable suppliers.  If you call National Parts Depot or Glazier Nolan the representatives will normally be able to help you determine where parts are made and which of the lines they carry are closest to the original equipment.

I live in Ireland so shipping appears very expensive. Any suppliers web sites I have looked at just add 50% to the bottom line regardless of the price. $1200 + $600 shipping. I have found one supplier charging half the item prices and and shipping costs. They state the parts are made in Taiwan.

To answer your original question more directly, I've found Scott Drake parts to be spotty in quality.  Some are poor, some are great.  I honestly don't know about their suspension parts - I've seen no reviews nor had any direct experience.  I understand that living in Ireland is a complication and wish I could offer something better.

The only additional thing I can offer is to join another Mustang forum such as Vintage Mustang.  I know there's a representative member from NPD (69bossnine) and other members also represent manufacturers - you could send a personal message to them and ask your questions.  You may get better answers from them.

Best,  John

Thank you for your reply John. I will have a look at vintage mustang forum .


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