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66 Mustang Power steering leak


Ok this is a wierd one. I have a power steering leak in my 66 Mustang with a 289.

It is running the stock steering with power assist, and I replaced the hoses and power steering pump about 2 years ago. It has been running along great until just last weekend. Here is my story:

I parked the car in my nice (mostly) level garage last Thursday (New Years Eve) evening, and left it there all weekend. Well on Monday morning when I went to start it to go to work I noticed power steering fluid on the floor coming out from under the car. I cleaned and checked the power sterring hoses, pump, valve body, and ram and noticed nothing that screamed leak. I then checked the fluid level and noticed it was low so I topped it off and brought it back to full. I then drove the car to work & back home, and noticed no more leaking. But it still was a nagging worry that something was wrong. So while at home I started it up again and while running I turned it from lock to lock. Then I noticed that a small amount of power steering fluid was coming out the filler neck on the pump. So I shut down the car and wiped the fluid off the pump. As I was doing so I looked down and noticed that some of it had pooled on a flat piece of steel down by the sub-frames. While I cleaned that up I suddenly noticed more fluid dripping out of the filler neck on the pump; even though the car was turned off, and the wheels were pointed straight ahead of the car. It was not alot of fluid, maybe a drip evey 2-3 seconds, but that adds up fast.

I have no idea what could cause this. There should not be any air bubbles in the system since I have burped it multiple times. And the hoses, and pump are fairly new and it decent condition.

Tonight I am going to try burping it again to see if there is still a bubble in the system. But if that does not take care of it I am stumped. The olny other thing that comes to mind is either the valve body is bad or the power ram is bad.

If you have any ideas please let me know.


bumped up. new community member, i am actually doing a power steering pump repair. i seen this post and i think that i can give some information about this part. If it locks up a bit, not just gets harder like the power assist goes away, it could be you have blown out a ball guide in the steering box and the reciprocating ball bearings are binding and breaking up. That will result in serious damage.


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